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About HC Fulfillment Complete

Fulfillment Corporation

About Us

Since the founding in 1985, HC Fulfillment has become a trusted business partner for clients that sell products to customers who live all over the United States and around the globe. As the company has expanded, direct marketing, direct response and other aspects of the pack and ship support processes have been developed to enhance the service offerings for clients.

From the moment an order is received, the team at the Phoenix fulfillment center selects the right products, packs every item on the order for shipment and delivers the packages to the appropriate shipper. Dedicated personnel make certain that customers think the orders were shipped by the client. HC Fulfillment strives to provide great customer service without taking any of the credit.

Outsourcing fulfillment processes allows clients to optimize every dollar and focus on their core businesses. Every dollar saved by the client provides an opportunity to grow their business into a powerhouse in their sector of the economy. Businesses of all sizes depend on the staff at the Phoenix fulfillment center to meet customer demands every day.

All of the services offered through the Arizona distribution center are available for clients who might need assistance in receiving orders or dealing with customer contacts. Product returns are handled in the Phoenix fulfillment center to ensure that each customer receives the best response to any problem that arises.

What to Expect from HC Fulfillment

Superior fulfillment services are only a small part of the ways that HC Fulfillment supports customers. As part of the accreditation offered by the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association, HC Fulfillment has developed standard processes for each of the following processes:

• Inventory control to ensure accuracy.

• Quality standards that drive continuous improvement efforts.

• Employee training for every position.

• Exemplary business standards for every business practice.

As a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association and the eCommerce Fulfillment Merchants Association, HC Fulfillment participates in the Phoenix business community through the Chamber of Commerce. Our community involvement activities are designed to provide valuable funds to various charities throughout Arizona.

Matt loading the truck with a FedEx Fulfillment.

Packages are being set FedEx P1.

Kirah processes Federal Express packages using World Ship.  The new software allows active tracking of a package anywhere in the world.

Materials being stored in our Fulfillment Warehouse.

Tom our Fulfillment Warehouse Manager

Were Arizona's Largest FedEx Fulfillment Center Top 100 FedEx Ship Centersin the USA for 2006

Dave is scanning the FedEx Ground packages being sent daily to Sun City FestivalFulfillment Warehouse

Mary Wroten Fulfillment Services Customer Support

Tom & Janet API Development team Oracle Project Management and Oracle System Development. The IT experts that keep us going.