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Fulfillment Inventory Cold Storage

Certain client product offerings require specialized cold storage. HC Fulfillment provides refrigerated and frozen storage space for products that require cold storage space. Clients with perishable products can trust the Phoenix fulfillment center with their inventory of products that require special care.

• Prioritized receiving – All cold storage items are removed from delivery trucks promptly and taken directly to the storage space. Clients can rest assured that the extreme heat outside the Arizona fulfillment center will not impact their products during receiving procedures.

• Frequent monitoring – Multiple routine checks throughout the day are performed on the actual temperature in the cold storage areas. While alarms are present to alert personnel to equipment failure, the temperature range is monitored to optimize shelf life.

• Prompt packing – All preparations are made for packing the items to be shipped prior to removing products from the cold storage. Items are not allowed to set outside the coolers and freezers.

• Backup power sources – Coolers and freezers are connected to backup generators that will automatically engage if failure of the main power source is experienced. This important backup system assures every client that large-scale product loss will not occur while their products are in the possession of HC Fulfillment Fulfillment Corporation.

Cold storage items are handled with additional care, and shipper agreements transfer that responsible to the transport partner when the items leave the warehouse. The client will not sustain loss of product from careless activities.



Materials being stored in our Fulfillment Warehouse.

Tom our Fulfillment Warehouse Manager