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Pack and Ship Support Services

HC Fulfillment has a state-of-the-art fulfillment center located in Phoenix, Arizona. Close proximity to the shipping outlets insures that packages leave the city in a timely manner. Clients located throughout the country rely on our trained personnel to fill every order accurately. Products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse, which provides security for the entire inventory<

Once a customer order is received in the computer system:

• A computer-generated order is assigned to the experienced personnel assigned to fill the client's orders.

• Every shelf is labeled with barcodes that match the product barcodes to ensure accuracy.

• All items on the order are gathered into the appropriate boxes for shipping.

• Products are protected with appropriate padding to prevent damage during transit.

• The appropriate shipper is selected based on the distance, weight and contents, which ensures speed of delivery and appropriate handling.

Accuracy of order fulfillment in the Phoenix fulfillment center is monitored to exceed HC Fulfillment's 99-percent accuracy goal set by the fulfillment teams. A certain percentage of each client's orders are selected for quality control procedures prior to departure. This action provides verification that the pick procedure has been completed correctly. The extra steps required for quality control will not slow down package departure schedules from the Arizona distribution center.

Were Arizona's Largest FedEx Fulfillment Center

Top 100 FedEx Ship Centers in the USA for 2006

Dave is scanning the FedEx Ground

packages being sent daily.