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The 30 Minute SEO Expert

Big Daddy Shawn

Become a Webmaster Expert in 30 Minutes

The Problem with selling on line.

There are now around 3.8+ trillion websites on the planet and your piddly website is one of these websites and is buried and never sees the light of day.

Search engines ignore you; you do not show up in the search engine for your keywords.

You spent a lot of money on your website but it's not bringing in the work and calls you expected.

Your phone does not ring, you cannot figure out why and you're going out of business!

Rule 1

If you don't make money off your website what's the point of having one?

You need to ask yourself: What do I want from my website?

What's it going to take to make my website work?

Your Goals Should be!

Get your keywords ranking so that they show on the 1st page of Google.

Get your phone ringing with customers and make some moola

Move your business forward and expand its capabilities.

Dominate your industry.  First in the City, then State, Country and finally the World.

My Story

I don't want to brag about myself but I'm an old guy and have been playing with computers for a long time.  Way back when we used to write computer code it was in 1's and zeros, no internet and not even a monitor.  This was when the only word processor was a typewriter and a bottle of white out.  But who cares; it was a long time ago.  I'm not trying to impress you with my experience but I'm doing this so  when I make points in this document, I'm assuming that you have a working knowledge of HTML and WordPress and associated languages.  I'm taking it for granted that you know something about the internet and development off web pages.  But don't be alarmed. I've tried to make it as simple as possible for you to follow.  I discuss in detail the specific things you need to do but it's really not that hard, so don't get discouraged. You can do it. 

I wrote this guide out of frustration.  My business was failing and my phones were not ringing.  I was shutting down businesses and could not make it work.  I thought, if only I had a higher visibility on the web.  My mistake was pay to Google for Addword placement as the best way to get visibility.  I spent thousands of dollars on Addword's and still it was hard to make money.  So I spent even more on Addwords and still went out of business. I knew that to make it in a business I had to get to the 1st page on a search.  But how?  Addwords was not the answer; Addwords was a deep hole you through money down with very little return on the investment.

So why is it a 30 minute expert?  Initially it's going to take you few hours to do the work, but once you get set up and going it's easy.  Like anything; you must keep at it.  About 30 minutes per day and your rankings will skyrocket to the top.  But you must keep at it and do it every day.  It's easy and when you get going it will get even faster and you can reduce it from 30 minutes to around 10 minutes per day.  But to move to the top and become an expert you need to do it consistently every day and don't stop.  BUT.........

Don't do anything until you know how to market the project.  You must have a concrete bet-your-ass marketing plan that is going to work.   You need to understand what it is going to take so you can get to page one and have a clear understanding of your competition before you do anything.  I know that it's difficult to think about marketing your project, when you're caught up on the product and company structure, checking accounts, logos and dreaming about all the money you're going to make.   But force yourself to first evaluate who you are going to sell to or to market yourself or the product you have.  What's it going to take to get your message out and in the hands of your potential customer. What is it going to take to get to page 1 on a search?

Next, look at the competition.  You may thing you have an original idea, but you don't'  Someone has already developed a website and is trying to sell the same product you are doing. I remember talking to a customer who was going to make a fortune in children fairy tail clothing. I discussed keywords with her and we looked at the keywords of the competition.  She was shocked that there were 10 other companies selling the same items.  She thought she had a original idea, but the reality was that there were 10 other websites up and running selling the same or similar product and ranking much higher than her keywords.  (She was not even ranking in Google for her keywords).  The old rule that there is no such thing as an original idea is true!  There are others who are ahead of you and some who have even failed at the same thing you are doing.  So it's important to make sure that you are going to succeed and not fail.  At your next party when someone asks you what you do for a living are you going to say you have a successful internet company or you going to cry because you are slowly going out of business?  I've been there and I know the feeling of failure.

Big Daddy Shawn     

For the complete guide down load the PDF here.

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