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Our Fulfillment Inventory Storage Services Operations

Every section of the Phoenix fulfillment center is designed to handle any type of product sold by the clients of HC Fulfillment. Temperature-controlled rooms provide the best environment to optimize the shelf life of every product. Every step of the process is designed to maintain absolute control over the entire inventory of each client.

1. Receiving – The smooth-running supply chain.

From the moment products arrive at the receiving dock, the responsibility to retain control of every item rests with HC Fulfillment Fulfillment Corporation. Immediately following the unwrapping of the items, a complete inventory is conducted. All items are entered into the computer system, and each item is placed on the appropriate shelf. Clients have the ability to verify deliveries through the online reporting system.

2. Warehouse management – Secure and safe storage of all customer products.

Space is managed closely inside the HC Fulfillment warehouse. Every step that can be saved will shorten the amount of time required to fill customer orders and get each one out of the door. Since temperature plays an important role in shelf life, every section of the warehouse is monitored closely. Authorized personnel are allowed on the warehouse floor, but all others are asked to remain in their work areas.

3. Inventory control – Proven technology to monitor every item.

Barcode technology is used throughout the HC Fulfillment warehouse to validate inventory against the computer records. All orders are filled by scanning the barcode on the item and the shelf to ensure accuracy in every order. Customer order volume will dictate how often orders are placed with suppliers. Clients have access to real-time inventory reports to monitor product turnover in the storage area.

4. Shipping and distribution – Fast processing to ensure quick shipment.

Experienced personnel gather every item on the order list and pack them together in appropriate boxes for shipping. Careful procedures are followed to pack items with materials that are designed to prevent damage in transit. Customer orders are delivered to shippers on a daily basis to meet client expectations. Customers have the ability to track their items through the shipper's website.

5. Security – Protecting every item in the inventory.

Client inventories are tracked to ensure that every item that leaves the Arizona fulfillment center has been paid for by a customer. Clients can monitor their inventory levels and sales volumes through the online reports provided.

Matt loading the truck with a FedEx Fulfillment.

Packages are being set FedEx P1.

Kirah processes Federal Express packages using World Ship.  The new software allows active tracking of a package anywhere in the world.