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How Does Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Work

HC Fulfillment Ecommerce Fulfillment Service

How does it all work?  It starts with the API, which is short for Application Program Interface.  What is the API?  It's an exclusive private computer program that was developed by HC Fulfillment to handle the ecommerce fulfillment of customer orders and requests, and was Developed exclusively for HC Fulfillment to process the ecommerce orders and crunch the numbers and emails.

What does it do?  It hooks into your shopping cart on your website and processes your customers' orders.  Once your customer completes an order (sale) on your site, we grab the order and bring it into the API.  Next we generate the packaging slip, shipping label, pick and pack instructions, and then we gather your products and ship the order.  Once shipped the customer is sent an email along with the tracking numbers so they can track the progress of the shipment. Step two is, to update the inventory to manage your products.  Finally we upload the tracking information back to your website.

The API also allows us to talk to your customer, either by phone or email, and manually input the orders into the system.

Founded in 1985, HC Fulfillment has been supporting the order fulfillment service needs of businesses of all sizes. Outsourcing inventory management, packing and shipping processes is a cost-effective way to support a growing company. End customers are unaware that their order has been forwarded from the client's website to the Phoenix fulfillment center for processing. As a company grows, order volume will increase. The existing HC Fulfillment staff can handle the demand and support the client's growth. Additional services are available for clients with changing needs.

Clients will receive exemplary support for their products through the following HC Fulfillment services.

Inventory Storage – Vendors and manufacturers will ship client product orders directly to the receiving division of the Phoenix fulfillment center. Items will be counted and placed in the appropriate bins for easy access when orders arrive. Online reports provide up-to-date information concerning the quantity of each item in the inventory.

Inventory Cold Storage – Products that require refrigerator or freezer space will be handled with the utmost care. Temperature plays an essential role in the shelf life of these products, and HC Fulfillment follows proven procedures for all cold items. Clients will not suffer loss of these products while they are in the possession of HC Fulfillment or the shippers.

Easy ecommerce Fulfillment Connection – The client's website is linked with the order fulfillment software at the Arizona distribution center. This connection is provided as part of the contract. Customers will not see the HC Fulfillment logo, and all packages and packing slips will carry the client's contact information.

Inbound Phone Call Services – Clients can engage the direct response services offered by HC Fulfillment for their call handling needs. Customers will call the client's toll-free number and reach the customer service representatives at the Arizona fulfillment center. All calls are answered using the appropriate client's name.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Every customer order will be filled correctly, packed well and shipped within the promised timeframe. The prices quoted to the client for HC Fulfillment's services will be the actual price that is charged. HC Fulfillment stands behind these commitments. If anything goes awry, we will make it right for the client and for the end customer.