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Our Phoenix Fulfillment Services Operations Center

HC Fulfillment Phoenix Fulfillment Center

Companies of every size are discovering the advantages offered by reputable fulfillment corporations like HC Fulfillment. Since 1985, HC Fulfillment has been providing fulfillment services through the Phoenix fulfillment center. Experienced personnel ensure that every step of the process is handled with professionalism.

Most clients participate in these six steps that support the fulfillment of orders from their customers.

1. Client product inventory – Finished goods that are manufactured by the client or ordered from vendors create the inventory in the Phoenix fulfillment center. All of the products that customers might order are included in the client inventory.

2. Ship to HC Fulfillment – Products are shipped to HC Fulfillment for the completion of the order fulfillment process.

3. HC Fulfillment stocks products – Upon receipt, all products are received from the freight company. Every item is counted prior to placing each one in the appropriately labeled bin or shelf. All inventory records are updated with the new arrivals. Clients will be able to view online inventory records the following business day.

4. Client sells products to customers – Throughout the normal course of business, customers will order items over the client's website or place phone calls to the appropriate call center. All orders are sent to HC Fulfillment Fulfillment Corporation.

5. HC Fulfillment processes, packs and ships – The experienced personnel at the Phoenix fulfillment center will gather all of the items requested on the order. Items will be packed in appropriate containers for shipping to the customer.

6. Customer satisfaction – Customers will never know that their orders are filled by HC Fulfillment. All package labels and correspondence will have the client's logo. Every step taken by the personnel at the Arizona distribution center is designed to please customers.

Real-time data access – All clients are given web access to the information involving their inventory, order volume and fulfillment statistics. Real-time reports provide important insight for the rate at which inventory is being turned over within the Arizona fulfillment operation. Once appropriate volume levels are reached, the client can request additional services in support of their company growth rate.

Additional services – Direct marketing and direct response services are offered to augment client staff levels. Targeted marketing campaigns will reach appropriate demographic groups to increase sales. As the additional orders arrive, inventory levels will be adjusted and call center personnel will handle the inbound call volume. Payment processing services increase the rate at which payments are received and money arrives in the client's bank accounts.