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Since 1985, HC Fulfillment Fulfillment Corporation has been working with companies of all types to fulfill customer orders. Every day, hundreds of clients depend on HC Fulfillment to handle thousands of products accurately and dependably. A wide variety of fulfillment services are offered by HC Fulfillment.

General Services

Client needs will dictate which of these services is included in the contract at the Arizona fulfillment center. As the client’s business grows, additional services can be included to support growth and new product lines.

• Customized fulfillment quotes for any new customer.

• Shipping integration with the client’s website shopping cart.

• Round-the-clock access to the HC Fulfillment order fulfillment system to monitor client orders and inventory levels.

• Discounts for inbound shipping through preferred carriers.

• Inventory receipt and storage in the Phoenix fulfillment center to keep every product secure.

• SKU labeling for every product.

Pick and Pack Services

Accuracy in order fulfillment begins with taking the ordered products from the shelf and assembling the order in an appropriate shipping container. All personnel follow standard procedures to prevent mistakes in order fulfillment.

• Products are picked, packed and shipped within 24 hours of order receipt.

• Vast selection of packing supplies.

• Order processing through manual order entry or the uploading of a CSV or XML file format,    which is sent from the shopping cart or e-commerce application.

• Customized packing lists for every order.

• Email order confirmations for clients and/or customers.

• Reports concerning inventory, orders and shipped items.

 Order Shipping

All packages that have been assembled during the workday will leave the warehouse in a timely fashion. Shipper schedules are monitored to optimize the trips to the shipping hubs. The optimal location of the Phoenix fulfillment facility ensures that more packages will leave Arizona each day.

• Domestic shipping through preferred carriers, including: FedEx, UPS and USPS.

• International shipping and fulfillment.

• C.O.D. shipping options.

• Shipment tracking for customers.


An experienced team of customer support personnel is available for any questions a client might have about the website interface to their ecommerce shopping cart. Questions are answered, and all issues are tracked with a ticket system to ensure details are addressed.

• Round-the-clock ticket system for any issue that must be reported to the fulfillment center.

• Experienced and helpful customer service team.

• All services are backed by the HC Fulfillment 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 Additional Services

Procedures for returning products are published to assist customers with returning unwanted or damaged products. Every product is accounted for in the returns process to ensure that the client’s account is credited. Specialty services are available for clients with specialized products. All clients can request that products are professionally photographed for display on the websites.

• Return processing, which includes inventory management.

• Kitting and assembly.

• Digital product photography.

• Mail services.

• Custom I.T. projects.





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