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Gift Bag Assembly and Fulfillment Services in Arizona


Businesses of all sizes are outsourcing their Gift Bag Fulfillment Services to save money and shorten product delivery times. HC Fulfillment offers superior Gift Fulfillment Services that will exceed client’s expectations. Any combination of these services can be part of the package offered to fulfill orders for each customer.

Our recent request was for a Super Bowel Event Part that had to be assembled fast and delivered to the venue now!

We receive the products on Friday at 10AM and assembled the Gift Bag and Delivered/Fulfilled to the Customer event by 3PM the same day.   There were a total of 12 different items to be placed in the bag, such as NFL Blankets, Foot Balls, Chips, Gift Coupons.   

The  gift bags are for the most buzzed about celebrity events. Gift bags are distributed backstage at award shows, on-set at talk shows, and on-site at private celebrity functions. We work closely with the celebrities or event producers to assemble the gift bag that caters to their guests.


• Secure space – Adequate shelf space in a temperature-controlled warehouse is provided in the Phoenix fulfillment center. Inventory-control measures ensure that every product is accounted for from the time it arrives until it is sold to a customer. Warehouse personnel are trained to handle every product with appropriate care.

• Avenues for order receipt – Clients receive orders from many sources including a company website, email or telephone. HC Fulfillment can accept any of these types of orders into the Arizona distribution center. Each client will be provided with a web interface as part of the service agreement. Customers will be able to send orders through their favorite avenue.

Order fulfillment – Flexibility has always been a trademark of the Phoenix Gift Bag  fulfillment operation. Products, literature, samples and other fulfillment requirements can be met through the Arizona distribution center. Unique requests from clients are met through existing processes at HC Fulfillment.

Online monitoring – Clients are given access through a portal that provides up-to-date information about the inventory levels at the Arizona fulfillment center. The number of customer sales in a given time period will provide insight into the growth of the business and the services provided.

• Customer service – Every order is fulfilled with the end customer in mind. Accuracy is tracked to ensure that the products that were requested are shipped in a timely manner. HC Fulfillment strives to provide stellar service for every order.

• Optimal location – Proximity to the major shippers in Phoenix was a major consideration when the location for the HC Fulfillment Fulfillment Corporation was selected. During peak seasons, multiple shipments will be taken to the shippers throughout the day. Close proximity ensures shorter arrival times for the client’s customers.

• Well known – Clients share personal stories about HC Fulfillment with others who are seeking fulfillment services. A positive reputation always has been important to everyone that has a hand in filling the orders for clients. Every effort is invested in living up to the clients’ expectations with every order that is filled.

Clients trust HC Fulfillment to handle every product as though our reputation is on the line. Errors are avoided through careful process management that allows personnel to work quickly and efficiently. As the client’s company grows, the fulfillment center is ready to offer additional services and handle higher order and product volume.

Friendly terms & friendly people


We welcome ecommerce businesses of any size. No minimum order volume each month; we give you the flexibility you need to grow, build your reputation, and gain market share. Our easy terms include:

  • No order volume minimums

  • No hidden fees

  • No long-term contract (Really!  You can cancel at any time for any reason.)

The friendly HC Fulfillment team is always ready to help—whether it’s righting an order gone awry, re-tooling of your packaging, or running a custom report.


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